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The number one priority of Équipe Peter Malouf is to build the long-overdue Sports and Community Centre in Town of Mount Royal.


We have the expertise and vision to achieve this within budget and without sacrificing precious green space.  TMR residents deserve access to fitness and healthy living.

Peter J Malouf 2021 VMR Mayoral Candidate - 2021-06-19 (cropped).jpeg



As a former owner / operator of a major sport center earlier in his career, Peter Malouf has personal expertise and knowledge in structural development and day to day operations. 


Peter is also known for creating the summer tennis camp programs in several Montréal municipalities including Mohawk Park in TMR. 


Peter has coached and competed in a wide variety of high-level competitive sports including hockey, tennis, football, and basketball. 


Peter understands firsthand how to deliver the quality of facilities our community programs require.


Each member of Équipe Peter Malouf brings additional  expertise in environmental impact, engineering, financial oversight, law and major urban planning coordination.


The current administration failed to deliver the $33 million version of the sport center promised in 2016 

The current administration failed to deliver the oversized  $48 million version of 2020 – even after an expensive referendum 

  • The ice skating arena is forced to balance the demands of both hockey teams and figure skating daily – neither group has sufficient ice time to develop their programs

  • Current recreational programs have long waiting lists

  • Kids must travel to other municipalities for essential sport and fitness programs

  • 2,750 new residents have moved to TMR  in recent years and our demographics are evolving

  • Townies must share the Pierre-Laporte indoor swimming pool with high school students

  • The Recreation Centre is obsolete and cannot meet the demands of our citizens

  • We have sports facilities that are unavailable for use during the winter season

  • The Roy administration only secured $3 M in government grants – not even enough to pay the excessive professional fees charged by the architectural firms




Across Quebec, many cities are constructing new sport facilities with substantial federal and provincial government support. Why did Town of Mount Royal only receive $3 million?


  • Mont-Tremblant received $4.3 million for their $13 M sports centre (33 %)


  • ​Laval received $20 million for their $69 M aquatic complex  (29 %)

  • Sorel-Tracy received $18.5 million for their $28 M sports centre (66 %)

  • Town of Mount Royal received just $3M for the administration's  $48M project  (6,25%)


Pourquoi la Ville de Mont-Royal n'a-t-elle reçu que 3 millions de dollars?


Équipe Peter Malouf  will :

  • Deliver the new sports centre we deserve

  • Negotiate substantial government subsidies

  • Conserve existing green spaces

  • Monitor budgets and production timelines

  • Respect, as far as possible, the heritage value of the existing buildings

  • Review and improve all recreation programs

  • Serve the interests and needs of families and seniors


Équipe Peter Malouf –  Pour assurer notre qualité de vie


Candidate for Mayor  Peter J. Malouf,  Business owner and community leader


District No. 1 | Antoine Tayar, Communications and Government Relations


District No. 2 | Maryam Kamali Nezhad, Hydraulic engineer


District No. 3 | Daniel Pilon,  Municipal urban planner (retired)


District No. 4 | Marc Debargis, Financial management consultant 


District No. 5 | Chantal Sabourin,  Environmental expert 


District No. 6 | Sarah Morgan,  Mechanical engineer


District No. 7 | Robert Tannous,  Lawyer


District No. 8 | Sophie Séguin,  Actuarial consultant


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